Hangin’ With The Truth

A Novel set in South Dakota in the late 1800’s when life and times were tough, and many people existed  from day to day on what they had and what they could get by fair means or foul. The bandit Bob Slye was one such, and he met his match in Sally Mae Boudine who was just as wicked. Some of the facts in this book are historically based, some are not. It’s up to the reader to decide  which is which!

(Available from Amazon worldwide, and signed from Mark Slade Studio.)

These reviews are reprinted with permission from the contributors.

Khris Matthewson‘There were times when I gasped ‘Oh No!’
‘Mark has the ability to bring his characters alive, make them believable, and real. That’s the sign of a good book, when the characters are real enough that you care what happens to them. Like his first book there was a passage where I gasped Oh No!  I won’t reveal anything for those who haven’t read it.’
Sue Lock‘So gripping!’
‘Wow I’ve just finished reading “Hangin with the truth ” and loved it. I didn’t want to finish it as it was so gripping with what I’d imagine was the wild west in every way. Thanks Mark Slade for keeping me entertained. I’ve only watched westerns but now reading one has made me want more. Feeling sad though I’ve finished.’
Paula Skidmore‘Loved it!
‘WOW. Great read–cover to cover in one night for me! The plot is sly (no pun intended) and subtly enticing–you won’t know you’re hooked until you try to put down the book. Mark Slade expertly draws out your secret cowboy and transports him back to the glory days of the Dakota Territories, Indian uprisings, and Wild Bill Hickok. Bob Slye and Sallie Mae Boudine reminded me of a catchy little tune (hum along) “The Bandit and Boudine were lovers, Whoa Lordy how they could love . . .;” but their wicked lives and illicit relationship are so sordid that it’s almost embarrassing to find them so entertaining!
The west was tough, the language in this book is rough, and hell hath no fury like the Mighty She scorned . . . or was she? Thumbs up on this one!!
P.S. I purchased my autographed copy directly from Mark Slade Studio’
Teresa Keymon – ‘Well I finished the book I thought it was excellent’.
‘I thought it depicted how the West really was, not like some of the TV shows and movies. As always he did an amazing job. Paid acknowledgment to his family for their help. I would highly recommend it.’

Pat Blunsden – ‘Enjoyed This Book Very Much.’
‘This kind of tale is not usually my cup of tea, but as I enjoyed Mark Slade’s earlier three books I thought I’d give it a go! Much to my surprise I found it hard to put down. It was easy to read, I was drawn into the story right away and was kept there right to the end where light dawned regarding the book’s title! The language is a bit earthy throughout the story, but is probably par for the course for the time and place and it fits.’