Someone’s Story

A tentative moment, a fleeting expression, a furtive glance – they can each provide a momentary glimpse into someone’s life. In a single instant, a history is revealed for those who choose to see.
There, written in the lines and creases like riverbeds and gullies, are the hopes, dreams and dissolutions of a path travelled and a choice made.
Someone’s Story takes the reader on an emotional journey through those brief moments when we can feel another’s life.
The author’s own photography creates  a subtle melding of the pictorial and verse.

From the poem THIS WAY AGAIN – 

… I said I’d make that Rose Garden just for you …

(reprinted courtesy of Mark Slade Studio

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The reviews below are reprinted with permission from the  contributors.

P.B. Very enjoyable reading!
I bought this book last year and decided to re-read it after Mark Slade published his latest book ‘Hangin’ With the Truth’ – a poem of the same name in ‘Someone’s Story’ is the foundation for that book.
The poems in ‘Someone’s Story’ are written in every day language, and not in that highfalutin lingo which makes you wonder ‘what the heck was that all about’.
There are at least 2 poems in this book which stand out for me: ‘Little Flowers’ which is so poignant for anyone who child has gone,  for whatever reason, and ‘Contact’ which seems to come right from the writer’s soul.
Mark has a very clever and interesting style of writing and I hope there’s a lot more to come!