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The Rookies

‘Cliffy’  (also see the ‘Cliffy’ page) .- here

The High Chaparral


Season 1 – ‘Shadows on the Land’ *  originally aired 10.15.67 – here

Season 2 – ‘A Fella Named Kilroy’ (missing pages 17 & 29) originally aired 03.07.1969 – here

A Sea of Enemies’ * originally aired 01.03.69  (2 endings given)  – here

‘Ebenezer’ * originally aired 11.01.1968 – here

Season 3 – ‘Too Many Chiefs’ * originally aired 03.27.1970 – here

‘A Piece of Land’ * originally aired 10.10.1969 – here

‘New Hostess In Town’ originally aired 03.20.1970 – here
(This original copy also contains the daily Call Sheets and belonged to actor Todd Martin, who guest starred as Gideon.)