The Mark Slade Fan Club!

Did you Know Mark had a fan club for 20 years?

With the permission and approval of Mark Slade, Kathy Lewis formed the
official Mark Slade Fan Club in late 1980. Members received an autographed picture of Mark, quarterly newsletters and a year-end fanfiction journal. MSFC was a member of the National Association of Fan Clubs and the International Fan Club Association. For a number of years, MSFC also served as a valuable connection between other High Chaparral celebrities and fans as well. Sadly, after twenty years, the club ended in 2000.

 The MSFC newsletters were state of the art for their time (and a huge effort
by Kathy, as editor-in-chief!). After the first four issues, the newsletters were issued in a booklet format that was laid-out by hand and then photocopied. Each issue contained at least 2-4 actual photographs that were manually glued into the booklets. The newsletters brought communications directly from Mark Slade; information on his current appearances, entertainment industry projects and scripts, and his art; newspaper and magazine articles and photographs; video screen captures; and news from club members. Many photos and articles were from Mark Slade’s private collection. To this day, we are hard pressed to find ephemera that wasn’t previously included in the MSFC newsletter!!

 We are SO EXCITED to be able to share vintage copies of the MSFC newsletter here. You will notice that names, addresses and other identifying information has been redacted to protect individuals and businesses affiliated with MSFC at the time.
As always, please respect the privacy of others.

All Mark Slade Fan Club Newsletters are reprinted with permission from Kathleen Lewis/the Mark Slade Fan Club. Thank you, Kathy!!

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