New Hat!

‘Everybody should try on a new hat once in a while’ — Mark Slade

Mark Slade recorded his album in late 1968. Around that same time, he had acquired a wide-brimmed brown leather hat that he was “wild” about.
As the story goes, Mark was wearing the (now famous) immense leather hat one day while he and Melinda were working on a title for his album. Melinda was teasing Mark about looking like a hippie and quipped “Well why don’t you just call it your ‘New Hat’?” The name stuck and the rest is history.
“Mark Slade’s New Hat” was released on the Tetragrammaton label in 1969. The album is 29:44 minutes long, and features 12 tracks, including Blue’s Theme (from the television series High Chaparral) whistled by Mark. Included with the album was a 6’ poster of Mark–barefoot and wearing The Hat! Although it never happened, Tetragrammaton contracted Mark to do several more albums. The record label was permanently closed after declaring bankruptcy in 1971 (Nothing to do with Mark’s singing we might add!)