5. Shadows on the Land.

Another typical day for the Cannon family!

Blue, Buck and Mano are ambushed by some Apache and find the rifles the Indians are using are a make which, as far as the trio are aware, have not been available before.
John tracks down and confronts  the man (Dolf Tanner) who is responsible  for arming the Apache who then  threaten all the settlers in the area ‘persuading’ them to sell their ‘beeves’ to Tanner at low cost before he sells them on to the army at a huge profit.
One of the local settlers, Jacinto Perez, (who is afraid of Tanner)  reluctantly decides to sell his cattle at a higher price  to The High Chaparral ranch  after he is refused access to water by John,  and is killed by Tanner’s men.

Tanner,  his men and the local Apaches confront John, Buck and the Bunkhouse Boys and pin them down in a canyon. The latter are very much outnumbered but are rescued by Blue and Mano who had heard the gunfire after being left at the ranch house earlier on.