4. Best Man For The Job

Long story short!

This episode centres mainly around Blue who is making adobe bricks  (much to his displeasure!) and  who becomes the hero of the hour.
Meanwhile Buck and Sam have been to town and hired 3 new ranch hands, not realising they are army deserters who have already murdered a group men and stolen their clothes; when they all return to the ranch Blue thinks he can persuade his  father to let them take over with the brick-making. But no deal, and the new men are instead sent out on night herd duties!
Enter the Cavalry under the command of a Captain Dabney who are looking for the deserters.  Seeing his chance to escape his brick-making, Blue rides out to tell the men to return to the ranch and spends an uncomfortable night tied to a wagon wheel while the men make a run for it.
Mano, Buck, Sam (the ranch foreman) and Ira rescue Blue, after which Mano and Blue decide to go off to find the missing men. A bad idea as they find one of them has been killed by the Apache Indians, and the other 2 missing. Just as they are looking around they are attacked by some Apaches who are fought off by Buck and the Cavalry who arrive on the scene just before some Apache prisoners, captured by some of the Cavalry, also arrive.  Buck, Mano and Blue foresee trouble on the horizon as some of the captives are relatives of Cochise!
Cochise is not a happy bunny! After the group – the Cavalry, the captives and the boys from the ranch –  arrive back at The High Chaparral, the ranch comes under an Apache attack when Captain Dabney refuses to release the prisoners and, much to the dismay of the onlookers,  Cochise ties a rope between 2 Saquaro and strings a couple of  Cavalry soldiers, one of the army deserters (who is then killed by an Apache arrow) , and Sam (who was also captured) to the rope to leave them to bake in the sun.
John, Buck and Blue devise a plan where Buck causes a diversion and Blue releases the captives by removing some of the fresh adobe bricks from the shed where they are being held.
The plan pays off. Blue releases the captives and runs with them to the waiting Cochise, and then runs to where the men are tied and cuts them free.
Captain Dabnay  heaps praise on Blue’s actions, and after he rides off, John, Buck and Mano tell Blue he was the best man for the job, and then send him back to his brick-making!