1. Destination Tucson

Part 1 of the Pilot Episode introducing the Cannon family and the ranch ‘The High Chaparral.’

The family – John Annalee, Blue and Uncle Buck travel to Arizona and set up home in the Rancho Rivera (later renamed The High Chaparral by Annalee).
During this episode they have their first meeting with the Apache who slaughter a family they stayed with while on the journey, Buck and Blue visit Tucson to hire ranch hands, and some of their cattle are stolen by bandits. They reclaim the cattle and John has his horse stolen  by Manolito (who features throughout the rest of the series). One night John, Buck and Blue go out to reclaim more cattle stolen by the Apache. While they are gone Annalee is killed by the Indians.
The episode ends with John and Buck going to find Don Sebastian Montoya (Manolito’s father, though they are unaware of this at the time)  who, they hope, will support them with their fight against the Apache.

Some screenshots from this episode:

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