2. The Arrangement

This is the second part of the TV Pilot.

Most of the first half of this episode is concerned with the search by John and Buck, who have travelled over the border into Mexico to find Don Sebastian Montoya in an attempt to get his support for their battle against the Apaches.
They find Manolito, who takes them to Don Sebastian, not realising at first that he’s Don Sebastian’s son, and are introduced to Victoria, Manolito’s ‘old maid sister’. Don Sebastian has heard of the death of John’s wife Annalee, and agrees to help with the Apache problem providing that John marries Victoria.
This John does  and  John, Buck, Manolito and Victoria  travel back to The High Chaparral where Blue is waiting, unaware that he has a new stepmother.

Blue is not happy to meet Victoria, his Mother’s replacement,  and refuses to speak to her. John corners him in the bunkhouse and tells him to grow up and to accept her, there being nothing to keep Blue at the ranch if he wants to leave. Blue decides to do just that and leaves,  Buck going after him to find him a couple of days later sitting by a lake and refusing to return to the ranch. During the ensuing argument and fight between the two, Buck notices Apache warriors gathering to watch, and they both ride hard for the ranch. The next scenes are of the Apaches attacking, and the Cannon family and ranch hands defending, the ranch. These scenes must be the most authentic ever seen during a TV western, the music before and during the attacks is haunting, and the acting of all involved is amazing.

During the attacks we meet an Apache Indian, a mystic named Nock-ay-del  (actually a real-life person during those far-away days) whose life is saved by Victoria and is  nursed back to health  (and appearing again in another episode).
Blue is also injured in the attack – shot in the back with an Apache arrow – and on his sick bed is spoken to by John who lets the boy know he does really care for him.

At the end of the episode Blue is well enough to join John and the others at the gate to bid farewell to Nock-ay-del who is allowed to leave to rejoin the Apaches.

Throughout this episode Blue is wearing the locket that belonged to his late mother.