The Rookies

18/9/72 episode ‘Dead, Like a Lost Dream’. Mark plays  Don Richardson.  Also starring were Gerald s. O’Loughlin, Kate Jackson, Sam Melville, George Stanford Brown, and Michael Ontkean.

Don Richardson comes from a family of a long line of police officers – his ‘Pop’, who now has memory issues and calls his son ‘little runt’ , and his 2 brothers, who were killed in the line of duty, were all police officers. Don, whose dream was to join them in their profession, fails to get into the force. He decides that the reputation of the police has now deteriorated and the only way to improve it is to get them off the streets – one way or another. One officer is suspended after being anonymously  accused of being involved in a protection racket, and another is shot and wounded – all due to Don’s actions.  But he decides  the ultimate way of ridding the place of  the inefficient police force once and for all is to blow up the church where the Police Academy Graduation Ceremony is taking place!

He is, of course, discovered in time! The bomb is disarmed, Don is arrested, and is then taken for psychiatric treatment.

5/11/73 episode  ‘Code 261’.  Bernard Amazine is brilliantly played by Mark Slade.  Also starring in this episode were Gerald S. O’Loughlin, Sam Melville, Kate Jackson and Belinda J. Montgomery.
This episode’s character must have been a very difficult part for Mark to play – a mentally disturbed young man (an ice cream vendor) who used his work to attract, assault and eventually murder young women, though when you see what his mother was like you do have a little understanding and  sympathy for Bernard’s  behaviour!
Bernard is shot dead by the cops at the end of the episode.

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3/3/1975 episode ‘Cliffy’. Written by Mark Slade who also plays the title character. The script won three national awards and a commendation from the White House in Washington DC.  Also starred Tyne Daly.
See the Cliffy’ page.

Not yet released on DVD.